TheCMBox EP.9

28 Oct

1. “Undertow” by Holly Starr. 2.“True Haters” by Scoob Serious. 3. “Friday Night” by House of Heroes. 4. “Back To The Cross” by Our Hearts Hero. 5. “Sunset Eyes” by Days Divide. 6. “I Love What This Song Does To You” by Winters Halo.


TheCMBox EP.8

2 Aug

1. “Do You Have a Problem With That” by Chuckie Perez. 2.“Time & Time Again” by Endeverance. 3. “Living Water” by Scoob Serious. 4. “Cold” by Holly Starr. 5. “I Don’t Wanna” by Brett Hite. 6. “Scars & Souvenirs” by Marathona. 7. “All We Know” by Days Divide.

TheCMBox EP.7

8 May

1. “Edge of The Earth” by Days Divide. 2.“Heart Attack” by Stephanie Smith. 3. “Lil’ Somethin” by Scoob Serious. 4. “Way Back When” by Cami Bradley. 5. “I Wonder If Its Me” by Abandon Kansas. 6. “Love Is Everlasting” by Endeverance.

TheCMBox EP.6

23 Dec

1. Intro: “Out The Box” by Tonex 2. “SuperSonic” by Family Force Five. 3.“The Hitch” by Winters Halo. 4. “Mess” by B. Reith. 5. “Tomorrow” by Our Hearts Hero. 6. “No Be Nah” by John Reuben. 7. “White Christmas” by Ty.

TheCMBox EP.5

18 Oct

1. Intro: “Out The Box” by Tonex 2. “City Lights” by Endeverance. 3.“Messenger” by George Gabriel. 4. “Unaware” by Holly Starr. 5. “Step Into The Light” by Jason Watson.

Check out my new gallery page as well. I added my first gallery pics from the Holly Starr concert!

A Call To Christians

5 Oct

Click on the “video mov” icon to play!

Hello Christian Music Box fans! I’m breaking off of the normal audio podcast for this segment as God really laid on my heart to put out this video I’m titling “A Call To Christians”. This video is about our current status in the US and what I feel God has been laying on my heart to say. I hope that it inspires you in your daily walk with Christ and I would really appreciate your comments after watching it and following through with my request in the video.

In my video I will encourage you to take some time to watch another video produced by someone else who is a radio broadcaster and film maker. You will find this link below:

Video – “The Obama Deception”.  – note: This is a non-partisan film. Click HERE to watch the video.

TheCMBox EP.4

23 Aug

1. Intro: “Out The Box” by Tonex 2. “Loaded” by Taylor Jordan. 3.“Welcome To Vegas” by Winters Halo. 4. “Sit Back” by Cami Bradley. 5. “I Love You Anyway” by Holly Starr. 6. “Unchanging One” by Chris Habermehl. 7. “In The Valley Of The Dying Sun” by House of Heroes.

TheCMBox EP.3

22 Jul

1. Intro: “Out The Box” by Tonex 2. “Serial Sleepers” by House of Heroes. 3.“Feel It Now” by Adam Flynn. 4. “Falling On Everlasting” by I Am Terrified. 5. “Letting Go” by Among The Thirsty. 6. “Love Like This” by Ayiesha Woods. 7. “Mystery Master” by Living Anthem.

TheCMBox EP.2

21 Mar

1Intro: “Out The Box” by Tonex 2“Word of Mouth” by John Reuben. 3“The Forcast (EP)” by B. Reith. 4“See What I See” by Say You Will. 5“Renew Me” by Stephanie Smith. 6“Born To Worship” by Sarah Kelly. 7“April 25th” by Corey Crowder.

TheCMBox EP.1

12 Dec

1Intro: “Out The Box” by Tonex 2“More Now” by Sevenglory. 3“Cowardly Lion” by Special Delivery. 4“We Worship You” by Erik Willis. 5“Come Out Clean” by Tim Wildsmith. 6“Show Me” by Chasen.